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Weight loss of 17kg within 10 months
Freitag, den 04. März 2011 um 17:00 Uhr

RSRahel Straub, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland: When your fridge turns into a magnet…In November 2009, I saw a leaflet in a waiting room with a picture of a hot dog on it. As I don’t eat fast food, the picture didn’t make much of an impression on me, but the headline did: “Weight loss starts in your head”.

I took the leaflet home with me and put it to one side. Well, I was overweight, but wasn’t allowed to do any kind of sport, because of an injury. Being chained to the sofa only made my frustration worse. But otherwise, I was healthy and ate healthy food …if it hadn’t been for the fridge!

Nutritional advice was NOT just the right thing for me. My injury got better but by that time I’d reached a BMI of 30.1. In January 2010 I couldn’t even button up my winter coat. It was time to do something!

I searched out that leaflet and arranged an appointment with Walter Jenni. At our first meeting I was very happy with how I was treated, which is why we arranged some more appointments. He showed me why I always feel drawn to food. I was caught in a spiral of eating and then feeling frustrated because I was eating and putting on weight. Walter Jenni successfully interrupted my spiral. In June 2010, our sessions began to show an effect.

With each session I got to know myself better and found out that a lot of people have similar problems to me. In the meantime I’ve got down to a BMI of 23.5 (17 kg in only 10 months!) and in the new year I’m going to start going to group discussions, so that I don’t fall back into my old patterns. December 2010. R.S.

Weight loss of 7kg
Freitag, den 04. März 2011 um 14:50 Uhr

RARita Akeret, in an SF1 television program about health:
Thurgauer Zeitung, Freitag 31 December 2004Nussbaumen - Rita Akeret has been living in Nussbaumen for twelve years. She will be appearing in the health program, “Puls” on Monday, 10 January, 2005 at 9.05 pm on SF DRS1, alongside Brigitte Jenni from Fruthwilen (as reported by TZ). “They are showing a short documentary film about me.” About two and half years ago, she started nutritional counselling with Brigitte Jenni for the first time. Now she’s setting up her own practice for nutrition coaching.

Rita Akeret was able to lose about 7kg and maintain her weight. When people approach middle age – she’s 48 – their weight tends to increase. (end.)

Emotional problems – weightloss of more than 10kg
Freitag, den 04. März 2011 um 12:00 Uhr

CAClara Andrés from Homburg, Thurgau, Switzerland:
(Excerpt from Saldo Zeitschrift, 9 October, 2002, H. Bosch-Billing)- Eat less and move more – we all know the principle. But it doesn’t always work. Nutritional psychological counselling often helps.

- …”I looked like a huge barrel and I felt awful.”

- …”I know now that I was always avoiding conflicts. Instead of saying what I didn’t like, I just kept quiet, and later on tucked into the sweets.”

- …”I still eat chocolate – but now I know when to stop”.

- …The three-way approach involving a healthy diet, more sport and psychological counselling can take you a long way. Clare Andrés lost over 10 kg…

-…”I’m not one of those really skinny models, no my size is realistic and great!”