DifferenceYou can progress with nutritional – psychological counselling because:
Weight loss starts in your head
Why crisps won’t appease your boss and why you can’t hug a bar of chocolate!
Complex reasons for your eating habits:
• Disturbed sensation of satiation and hunger• Absence of the feeling of security

• Overwork on the job

• Having to stay at home alone, loneliness

• Tempting offers when shopping

• Fear of not being able to complete a task to the satisfaction of others

• Being angry with other persons

• Dissatisfaction with your own life

• Keeping yourself under control too much and not being able to live out your needs, i.e. show your feelings

• Controlling your weight creates a feeling of autonomy

• To compensate for failures or pressure to perform

• Not having to fulfil certain expectations

• Not having to carry out an unloved activity any longer

• An attack of ravenous appetite gives you a feeling of „fulfilment“

• An approach to a problem to reduce tension and unpleasant feelings as well as trying to attain a sense of achievement

• To relax and calm down in burdening situations

• Seeking consolation when in sorrow

• For reassurance and relief

• Fear of being considered selfish when you express your own needs

• Threatening changes like the loss of a close person or moving to a foreign country

• Not being able to live out feelings and desires, because you are afraid of hurting others, i.e. being afraid of the reactions of the other person and fearing the possible loss of a relationship within a frame of conflict.

• Fulfilling the needs of others instead of putting your own wishes in the foreground

• Substitution instead of expressing the desire for closeness and devotion, e.g: for fear of being rejected

• Thinking you would overreact and explode if you suddenly permitted feelings such as anger

• Concentrating on your body and food, as well as being dissatisfied with your body, distracts you from other problems

• Consolation for disappointments, excessive demands or strain

• Coping with problems and conflicts

• Rewarding yourself

• Insufficient knowledge of a balanced diet …