Nutritional-Psychological Counselling

Your eating habits?


Does this sound familiar?...

  • Is eating a frustrating rather than pleasurable experience for you?
  • Should you reduce your weight for health reasons but it just doesn’t work?
  • Do your thoughts continuously circle around food and your figure?
  • You eat hardly anything during the day but you don’t know how to stop in the evenings?
  • Does your weight affect your lifestyle?
  • Are you often hungry or have an appetite and can’t control yourself?
  • Do you feel guilty or have qualms after eating more than you wanted to?
  • Do you eat when you feel stressed, worried or experience difficulities, in order to „escape“?

If you have answered two or more questions with yes you no longer have an unburdened relationship with food.

Nutritional – Psychological Counselling can help you here!

What ist behind it all?


One of the various reasons could for instance be, that you subconsciously tend to create positive moods for yourself in stress-situations by eating. The stressful experiences are thus compensated for by the pleasant feel-ings elicited by eating. In the course of time you don’t even need the stress-incident any longer to trigger your appetite. It becomes independ-ent of the original incident. You eat too much, apparently without reason. The gluttonousness becomes a habit with the corresponding results! Together we will track down the dif-ferent reasons for your eating habits. In doing so we will work on new be-havioural patterns that will be linked to the pressure-, stress- or frustration-situations. Eating will thus be replaced by new solution-orientated behaviour. In this way you are holding the key to obtaining your ideal weight and keeping it!

Alternative for success?


Do you want to understand…

    • How frustration, boredom and stress can influence your eating habits?
    • How to put the brake on those cravings?
    • How to maintain your ideal weight permanently?This is where you can found out how to get binge eating under control and train your appetite to be more in harmony with your soul.
      You’ll find out what kind of unknown needs and expectations are often neglected when you eat to escape them.
  • Some people only need a single sitting (2-3 hours) to succeed.
  • In practice, however, people often need to find out more about the reasons for unsatisfying situations.