Ernährungspsychologische Beratung

Nutritional psychological counselling

  • for overweight and obese clients (patients)
  • to monitor weight loss
  • for latent eating disorders
  • for food-related illnesses (diabetes mellitus II, high blood pressure, etc.)
  • for eating disorders

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Indivudualpsychologische Beratung

Personal psychological counselling

  • to deal with crisis points in relationships
  • to monitor weight loss
  • to deal with problems and stress with children
  • to work through life crises




  • for eating disorders
  • for problems at work
  • situation analysis



Discussion group

For people who:

  • …want to lose weight
  • …want to maintain their ideal weight permanently
  • …are looking for support



Talks & further training

  • at various institutions and companies on request
  • at the Bildungszentrum für Wirtschaft, Weinfelden, Switzerland (Educational Centre)
  • at the Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum Arenenberg, Salenstein, Switzerland
  • at the Akademie für Individualpsychologie, Embrach, Switzerland
  • at the International Committee for Adleriean Summer Schools and Institutes, USA